A city is full of names. Streets, people, groups, businesses, restaurants, teams, galleries, parks, etc. Each has a name. That name plays a critical role in how we share our experiences and information.

Humans have been naming things since before recorded history. They have named places and people, animals and plants, the stars and planets.

Names can be short or long, simple or complex, standard or catchy. But the most important aspect is
a name that will be remembered. It must be memorable. People share memorable names.

On the Internet,
your domain name is how the world will find you and know you. Getting the right domain name is important.

Our goal is to help you make the best choice for your naming needs. Whether you are naming a new app, your musical group, a book or film, a new shop, a tech startup, an online service, or something else, the principles on this site should help.

I am starting work on a book about names. The title of the book will be Memorable. This site will have that book as a work in progress. Feel free to download free each draft section as it is completed, and give me feedback using the contact form.

Before the book is complete, check out my writing at the
NamePros Blog, at NameTalent, or on the Memorable Blog right here.

As you probably gathered, we think the .cc extension has a lot going for it. More on that later, but if you are on the hunt for a great .cc name for your business, organization, product, service or group, you can
see a list of names currently available here.

Why memorable.cc? We wanted a single word name within our budget range that would represent the core idea of names that people remember. We also liked .cc as the ending, short and easily remembered, and in our case we view it as representing Creative Concepts. Since eventually this site will become a guide to our writing across several platforms, you could also think of it as Curated Content.